Selling: You Have Sold Something To Someone Once

Selling. The term itself evokes different reactions from different people. It means excitement to some…to others, it means dread.

Have you ever thought about selling stuff to earn money whether it be through the internet or physical goods? I’m sure you must have tried it at least once in your life. At least or ebay/amazon lah.

Personally, I’ve heard so many people complain that they can’t or don’t know how to sell. They say things like:

Oh, I’m not good at talking lah. You boleh la bro, you’re a smooth talker.

I’ve never sold anything before, I don’t know if I can.”

Dia tu lain, he’s talented.”

…and so much more.

Let’s take a look at how selling is defined.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines selling as “the job and skill of persuading people to buy things”.

I know…it sounds like something u will never need to do right? I mean, we’ll just leave that to salesy people.

The old way of selling may be associated with high pressure tactics, meaning that you will feel pressured against your will to purchase something…and feeling buyer’s remorse right after.

In this kind of transaction, it is most likely a win-lose situation, where the winner will always be the seller. How can it be a win-win if the buyer buys against his or her will and the seller not tailoring the solution to the client’s needs?

Some salespeople will do anything to seal the deal, regardless of whether it is ethical or not. It’s not surprising that some people will resort to anything to achieve their sales target! With high targets comes high stress. Yep, sales is a stressful job people. And sometimes bosses make it even harder.

But, I have a different idea on selling…

My own alternative definition of selling

I define selling as mutual acceptance of an idea offered by one party to another. I look at selling as something that happens everyday. We all sell whether we realise it consciously or subconsciously.

Have an upcoming presentation to your colleagues? You’re selling your ideas. Got a job interview coming up? You’re selling your personality & skills. Trying to get a couple of friends together for futsal? You’re selling the idea of a fun time together. And the list goes on…(you get the point)

Selling is offering a solution to a problem. People won’t buy if they don’t see what you offer as a solution to their problem. Hell, Makcik jual kuih kat tepi jalan pun is offering you a solution to your kuih craving problem when it pops up.

It must always be a win-win solution. An transaction or agreement that benefits both sides.

Remain ethical and it will show. Big time.

So there, for those of you who think selling is not an important skill to have, think again.

It just  might increase your chances of securing that dream job, that long-awaited pay raise, or…getting that girl.

And hey, getting that girl might just require all the selling skills you have. 😉


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