Website Creation


Hey there, this page is dedicated to website resources for your reference. ­čÖé

1) Buying Your Domain (Namecheap)

This is the first step in creating your own website or online business. You can get a decent website name for about USD 10. Website names in high demand can fetch much higher prices up to the thousands! I personally use Namecheap because I find it is very easy to use and navigate through.

Buy your domain using Namecheap (Click here)

2) Hosting Your Domain

There are soo many hosting services out there it can be hard to choose. I’ve listed down a few that I looked at and found offers a good deal:

a) Crucial Hosting

b) HostGator

*Others will be added later.

3) Creating Landing Pages (for leads/sales purpose only)

Probably┬áthe single, most USEFUL tool I’ve used for my affiliate campaigns: Instapage. ZERO technical knowledge required, just drag and drop! Superb, highly recommended.

Start creating your landing pages with Instapage (Click here)

*More will be added to the above list in the future. If you have any suggestions, please email us at*