Hey guys, I’ve dedicated one full page for property resources that I hope will be helpful to you. I will update this list from time to time for your benefit!


1) Millionaire Employee Blueprint by Faizul Ridzuan (21 May 2017 – KL session)

Don’t know where to start? Begin here. You will learn 10 strategies using property investment as a tool. It’s the ideal place to start your property investment journey!

MEB with Faizul Ridzuan

Discover how an average employee can achieve millionaire status using the right strategy in property investment in this Millionaire Employee Blueprint seminar, where Faizul Ridzuan will guide you how he did it, buying 23 properties before the age of 30 years old!

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2) Mega Pejuang Hartanah by Ahyat Ishak (27 April 2017 – COMPLETED)

Would you like to be wealthy through property investment but unsure about the risks involved? You will learn how to develop a Property Master Plan, identify your Financial Profile, and learn the art of Property Selection. A holistic approach to property investment indeed.

Mega Pejuang Hartanah with Ahyat Ishak

“Apa Yang Saya Kongsikan Adalah Pengalaman Sebenar Saya Dalam Pelaburan Hartanah Sejak Tahun 2003 Dan Juga Ilmu Yang Saya Pelajari Daripada Sifu-Sifu Hartanah Dalam Dan Luar Negara”

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1) Gempur Hartanah LRT 3 with Ahyat Ishak

This is a great chance to turun padang with Tuan Ahyat Ishak and hear his live comments on places/areas at each LRT 3 stop on the line. Check out this video on the recent Gempur Hartanah done on the MRT 2 line with Ahyat Ishak!

Books to Read

1) WTF? 23 Properties By 30 by Faizul Ridzuan, CEO of Far Capital

Literally the first book on property investment I’ve ever gotten my hands on after SPM. My mother really recommended me to read it at the time but I guess I was too young to care…haha! Revisited the book after graduation and it made perfect sense to me then. Many great real-life experiences shared throughout the book with easy to understand examples 🙂

2) How You Can Become a Multi Millionaire Real Estate Investor! by Milan Doshi, Property Invesment Guru

A comprehensive book on property investment, almost like a textbook even lol. Seriously, this is a really good guide you should honestly consider!

3) 40 Pesanan Buat Pelabur Baru by Ahyat Ishak, Entrepreneur & Property Investor

Semua pelabur hebat pernah, suatu hari dahulu, memulakan langkah pertama mereka sebagai pelabur baharu. Jika ditanya, pasti ramai dalam kalangan mereka yang akan setuju: Alangkah bagusnya jika ketika mereka memulakan pelaburan dahulu, ada orang yang memberikan pesanan dan nasihat kepada mereka agar mereka dapat mengelakkan kesilapan dan terus menuju ke jalan yang betul.

4) Comparative Analysis – MRT 2 by Aziz Ahmad, founder of

MRT 2 SSP Line dari Sg Buloh – Serdang – Putrajaya sejauh 52km mempunyai 36 stesen dan lebih 100 hartanah yang menarik dalam 1km radius daripada semua stesen tersebut.

Hartanah yang mana paling Best dekat stesen MRT 2 ?

*More will be added to this list in the future. If you have any suggestions to add to the list, please feel free to email us at*