Parking: The Silent Killer

For the past two years, I noticed it increasing. Within 6 months, it went up by RM 1….and then by another 50 sen within a year.

Sounds like something you hear in a mamak right? But nope, I’m not talking about roti canai here.

Rather, I’m talking about the cost of parking. Specifically for this example, the open parking near the intersection of Jalan Stonor and Jalan Kia Peng.

RM 4 per day equates to about RM 80 a month whereas RM 5.5 a day equates to RM 110 per month….an increase of RM30 within 18 months. Gila ke tak gila??Noticed a trend?? Yep, within a span of 18 months, the cost of parking just increased a total of 25%. ..freaking 25%! That’s probably like 5 years worth of salary increments! And this is where it gets interesting.

FYI, the prices quoted above where for parking lots with rates per entry. What about those parking lots with rates per hour? Check out the latest tier-based parking hikes below:

Parking rates are doubled if you stay/work in the outskirts of KL (Tier 3) and tripled if you live just outside the city centre (Tier 2). But if you are in the city centre and places like Bangsar, Mont Kiara and Sri Hartamas (Tier 1), you’re in for a real treat.

Assuming you work from 9 am – 6 pm, the difference between the old fare structure and the new one can be staggering!

And remember, the numbers above are rates per day. Multiple them by 20 working days a month and you can expect to pay a sum ranging from RM 180 to RM 520. And that is huge chunk of money to set aside for parking…a part of your salary gone just like that.

Of course, it’s still nothing compared to other Asian cities, they say….*cough* thanks Najib! *cough*

How many of us struggle to keep up with parking price hikes? Any thoughts?

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