Merdeka, Sea Games And You

Merdeka, Sea Games And You

Gosh, what happened to August? In the blink of an eye, it’s already the 3rd week of September. It only seemed like yesterday Raya ended and our nation celebrated it’s 60th anniversary (Happy Birthday Malaysia)! Oh yes, August was a very busy month but in a very good way due to the festivities and sporting showcases involved.

Thought I’d just revisit August in September and recount everything that happened last month. Soo, if you were not aware (or have been living in a cave last month), the Sea Games happened in KL in the same month we celebrated Merdeka. Oh, and did I mention the super long weekend at the end of it all (*cough* Thanks Najib!)?

Merdeka? So What?

To those less patriotic-inclined folks, I bet that Merdeka was just another holiday for you. What about the historical significance of that day? Screw it, I hear you say? You ungrateful people.

How about we relate Merdeka to our financial lives? Say, financial freedom or independence? Does that sound a bit more interesting now to you gold diggers?

Note: I’m not a history expert and my facts may be 90% wrong so please ignore the factual statements (tldr; read the message instead)

Thus…similar to how Merdeka symbolised the independence of Malaysia, so should you strive to break free from the shackles of financial dependence on someone/something. Whether you get your paycheck from a high-paying multinational company or from your sugar daddy (not judging btw), it should be by choice, not a necessity. For as long as you deem it a necessity, your reliance on it will take away what should be an intentional choice; unforced.

Spirit of Sea Games

Bangkit Bersama! Yeah, yeah please cut the crap. It remains a slogan if not followed through by actions; mere words spoken to foster some attachment to national sports. Do you still want to bangkit bersama? You’d be better off trying to¬†bangkit for the daily Subuh prayers alone first lol.

Ok, sorry for being a bit harsh. It must be the post-Sea Games slack I see from everyone getting back into their daily routine. No more excitement, fanfare, and the likes of that. Just the daily grind.

I think we should keep the spirit alive and keep pushing ourselves to rise to the occasion in whatever we do. Whether it be work, business, sports etc. Keep on striving!

What Next?

So what now? No more Independence Day, no more Sea Games, no more sudden holiday announcements….what else is there to look forward to? Hey, it’s September now and there’s still a full 3 months to go to achieve your goals for 2017.

Hmm…keep calm and carry on.

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