Investing In Yourself

Investing in Yourself

Investments People Always Talk About

You hear it everyday.

EPF, ASB, stocks, property, unit trusts, etc and the list goes on and on.

Seriously lah, I feel like there are too many choices out there and the public will be spoilt for choice. Heck, they are probably confused due to the sheer number of options available to them! One can easily spend years learning the different investment vehicles out there.

So what’s best for me and which should I choose? I hear you ask.

I’ll get to that eventually.

My Thoughts On Self Investment

Most people think of investment as purely things they do to get the money they want.

While that is true to a certain extent, what is more important is who they need to become. And what do I mean by that?

To get a certain amount of income and live a certain lifestyle, you need to think and make decisions a certain way. To be precise, you need to adopt the mindset of the person or figure you want to become.

How do you discover what that is?

Think of a few successful people you admire in your head. Have you followed them on social media yet?

You may (if they intend to inspire or educate people through social media) learn a thing or two about what goes on in their heads and the kinds of things they think about.

And if you do, try writing them out or at least visualise them so it’s clear what you want to emulate.

What I Invest In

Definition of Investing

1) Mindset & Motivation

Mindset and motivation? What the heck is that? Will that make me rich?

You’ll be surprised.

Try taking a look at all the successful people around you lah. Did they become successful by investing in the same investment vehicles i.e similar property assets, stock portfolios, build the same business, etc?

Yep, that’s right. It’s a big NO.

On the flipside, they all invested in something a bit more intangible…


They all achieved a certain mindset that was required to be successful…and that’s what I’ll be investing in.

2) Strategies & Skill

“What strategy is the best to build a certain amount of income for a certain lifestyle?”

“How do I make the most money out of stock trading?”

“Is it better investing in landed properties or non-landed properties?”

These are questions I categorise under Strategy & Skill. These are questions requiring knowledge and plans.

And in this world of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram….you can easily master the knowledge and plans.

Heck, you can probably learn more in a shorter time than successful Gen X & Baby Boomers combined when they were your age!

Just browse through your newsfeed/timeline and you’re bound to come across some ads on investment courses, income-generating opportunities and the likes of them.

3) Assets

What is there to say about assets?

This is just a question of execution. What’s more important is the first two: Mindset followed by Strategies & Skill.

I don’t care about your investment vehicle. It doesn’t really matter.

Once you master the first two, the third will come naturally.

Why You Should Invest In Yourself Too

The answer is simple.

Do you want more out of your life?

If yes, I hope you seriously think about investing in  yourself first and foremost.

If not, I don’t think any form of investing can help you achieve more of what you want out of your life…because there’s nothing meaningful to gain!

So What’s Best For Me?

I know, I know…I haven’t answered the question how to start from where you are now and what your first step is.

But why ask me? I’m not you and you’re not me…

My answer wouldn’t answer your question, only mine.

Just tell me when you do. I might learn a thing or two.


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