I Turned 25…And This Is How It Went

Thoughts On Turning 25

It was only a week ago, that I turned 25. The age I once thought was the ideal age for everything; the age when everything perfectly falls into place. It’s funny really how things don’t always go according to plan, but turns out to be better than planned.

It’s humbling how you once had expectations for certain milestones in your life where you envision your future self and the achievements that come together with it. For example, a certain stage in your career, a target monthly income, a fixed relationship status.

But of course, God had better plans.

Anyway, I’ve tried to capture below thoughts the day I turned 25…

Birthday Recollection

4:45 am – I hear a voice calling my name for sahur. Oh, it’s the maid waking my brothers and I for sahur (it’s still Ramadan).

Ok jap bibik, 5 minit lagi…”

5:05 am – My phone alarm rings non-stop and I eventually wake up irritated. I took a look at my phone.

Oh crap, that was way more than 5 minutes…but those extra minutes wasted felt soo good. I still have about 30 minutes left to eat and drink. I think I’ll make it.

7:30 am – All showered and dressed for work. I have a little glance at the notifications on my phone. Laa, it’s my birthday rupanya.

I’ll save my replies for later, I thought to myself. Probably petang nanti lepas kerja. For now, let’s face the damn rush hour traffic.

7:56 am – Pheww, made it to the office just in time. My timing is perfect. But I thank God we don’t have strict punch-in/punch-out times monitored unlike other institutions like banks where you get warning letters if you come late 3 times in a year.

I would probably get 5 or more of those letters, haha. I’m a staunch believer of managing your own timing i.e staying back for a time at least equivalent to the minutes late…

1:16 pm – My phone rings. I wonder who on earth is disturbing me at this hour…it’s prime nap time for god’s sake!

Oh, it’s my grandmother. She wishes me happy birthday. She’s the first person to call me directly and wish me today. But I soon realised there’s a catch. I was also questioned when I’d find a girlfriend.

“Yes, soon nanainsyallah ada lah tu. Otw kot, hahaha…”

4:07 pm – It’s hard not to yawn now. Hmm, I should get going soon. Traffic is building up, for sure. I know it. And I open up Waze to confirm…20 mins to home. Not too bad at all. But then I realize I need to send at least 2 emails out first.

Damn it.

4:37 pm – Sent, sent, and sent. Let’s get out of here! *Checks Waze again*

“We’re all set, let’s go!” Estimated time to get home = 50 minutes. S**t.

7:44 pm – It’s finally iftar time! I break fast and my family starts wishing me happy birthday. It’s good to be home. Alhamdulillah.

10:42 pm – Went to Baskin Robbins with the family for a little birthday moreh. Thank god most of my family members have sweet tooth so at least ada geng, hehe.

11:48 pm – I guess I’m a quarter of a century old now. It’s actually real. I thought turning 25 would be a bit more magical like those Instagram vids of people celebrating with giant “25” balloons and blindfold surprises. None of that though, haha.

Also the last time I checked, my bank account didn’t have more than 4 zeros and I don’t recall waking up to any wifey across the bed (pretty sure that was just the pillow, damn you myopia).

Life goes on, and I’ll just keep killing it.

One day at a time…



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