Financial Freedom Update: May 2017

May – First Few Online Sales

Happy Belated May Update…

Let’s make this one short and sweet (has it ever been otherwise?).

So remember in April I signed up as a distributor for my friend’s cat product? Made another sale this month aaand a couple more for my venture into dropshipping (subject for a future post, maybe). Total sales this month = ~RM 50.

Essentially it was a pretty good month…definitely gave me some confidence moving forward that it can be done. ūüôā

Financial Freedom Report

Financial Freedom Tracker

Active income still remains just under RM 7k. Slight decline over the past 2 months but nothing alarming. Would definitely like to boost it to RM 10k before I turn 26 though, heheh.

For now, I’m grateful. Need to work harder for other ventures to bear the expected fruits, of course.

Not entirely impossible.

Expenses decreased slowly but steadily. Though not entirely planned, but will need to be more deliberate in expense-cutting.

This to me is a bonus, as the main focus is still increasing passive income.

Passive income still remains stagnant. Status quo.

Expense Report

List of Expenses
Expenses Breakdown

Biggest contributor? 

Bank loans. Was, still is, and will still be for the foreseeable future. Unless I decide to shake things up. Damn you, comfort zone.

Lowest contribution?

Oh hey, sports isn’t zero this month. Testament to my drive to get fit (cue hashtag #fitmalaysia). Heheh.


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