Financial Freedom Update: March 2017

March – A Month of Working Offshore

Hey guys,

Just sharing my March financial freedom report below (I know, it’s April already) for your reference. All in all a relatively busy month for me personally…was involved in a lot of things at work and was on an oil platform for 2 weeks (which felt like forever!). All is good though.

A bit more detail on both parameters as below:

Financial Freedom Report

Financial Freedom Tracker


Active income increased slightly to ~RM 7k, which was slightly higher than February but expected to hover around the 7k mark anyway. No surprises there.

Well, maybe I was half expecting my offshore allowance to be approved through the system in time for the month’s closing. That would have boosted my income for the month and my confidence along with it. Guess I shouldn’t have hoped for the unlikely, hahaha.

Expenses reduced by around RM 600, which felt significant but totally expected. Who forks out money for food and petrol when you have pretty much an all-you-can-eat buffet offshore? One can definitely save a lot by living on an oil platform, albeit for significant savings throughout the year you’ll probably have to be based there 🙂

Passive income? Status quo. Crap. Still working on affiliate marketing. Need to regain the momentum and strive on. I owe some people my success.

Expense Report

Listing of expenses
Expenses breakdown

Pretty much the same sans food. Major cost savings but only for this month. Still, a reason to celebrate 🙂

Biggest contributor to expenses remains is still the soft loan…

Oh, but that means I’m finally done paying off that RM 10k soft loan comprising of 10 instalments. Major win. Additional RM 1k per month from April onwards, woohoo!

Last but not least, the lowest contribution is RM 0 for sports. No wonder I’ve gained weight this month, lol!

To a better and slimmer April and beyond.

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