Financial Freedom Update: April 2017

April – Experimenting with FB Ads

Helloo there,

It’s been an exciting month for experimentation. So glad to be back in the office and not offshore…hahaha (sorry, not really into the offshore life hehe).

Ok, so I signed up as an independent product distributor of my friends’ joint venture. Of all things, I never imagined getting involved with…wait for it…CATS. Yeah, so basically I have cat breeder friends and help sell their cat supplements.

Oh, and did I mention I made my first sale too?  *insert grin here*

Financial Freedom Report

Financial Freedom Tracker

Now on to the numbers…

Active income dropped to slightly under RM 7k. No surprises there. Pretty much consistently hovering around that mark. Maybe +RM10 for this month due to the first sale of the cat supplement. Hooray?

Target is to get more cat supplements out to cat lovers. A win-win? More like a win-win-win (you, me, and your cat lol).

Expenses dropped by roughly RM 500. Probably the biggest drop in expenses was the soft loan as it has been reduced to only RM 513. I’ll try to keep it that way, enough leveraging for now!

Passive income? This is always the hardest part to change. Attempted FB ads for affiliate marketing…still zero sales. Sometimes I wonder if I chose the right product to sell…

Expense Report

List of expenses
Expenses breakdown

Biggest contributor? 

Note that the biggest increase in expenses was car expenses…am I surprised? Not necessarily, I drive for fun at times. Guess it’s just my way of blowing off steam. 🙂

Lowest contribution?

Um, yeah….I know. I know…


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